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7 Best Windows Tricks That Save Your Time 2022

If you have trouble with a simple windows problem but can’t fix it such as organizing huge documents one by one or your navigation pane is hidden but you can’t bring the previous mode. Don’t worry, I will demonstrate 7 windows tricks that save your time and problem.

7 best windows tricks (Simple but very effective)

  1. Documents Organizing Tricks
  2. My Computer Navigation Panel Tricks
  3. Documents Hiding Tricks
  4. Documents Navigation Tricks
  5. Ascending & Descending Tricks
  6. Folder Creation Tricks
  7. Deleted Item Recovery Tricks

1. Windows Documents Organizing Tricks: How to organize huge documents or folders with just 1 click

Step 1: Right click in the blank among documents.
Step 2: Hover over sort by and click item type.

See Video Tutorial: The 7 Time Saving Windows Tips & Tricks

2. Windows Computer Navigation Panel Tricks: How to solve devices and drivers sidebar/navigation appearing and disappearing problem

Step 1: Go to view on the top left.
Step 2: Select the Navigation pane.

navigation pane appears

3. Windows Documents Hiding Tricks: How to hide and unhide videos, images, and folders

Hide Method:

Step 1: Select the documents and Right click.
Step 2: Go to properties & general.
Step 3: Click hidden.
Step 4: Apply and Ok.

Reveal Method:

Step 1: Go to view on the top.
Step 2: Select the hidden items checkbox.
Step 3: Right click the blurry documents. (that you have already hidden now this is appearing but not properly revealed, Do the next step).
Step 4: Got to Properties and general.
Step 5: deselect the hidden items checkbox.
Step 6: Apply and Ok.

unhide tricks

4. Windows Documents Navigation Tricks: How to add a checkbox indicator to a document

Step 1: Go to view on the top.
Step 2: Select item check boxes.

documents checkbox tricks

5. Tricks Ascending & Descending Tricks: How to find the last item fast and the first item last

Step 1: Right click on the blank among the documents.
Step 2: Hover on Sort by.
Step 3: Select ascending and descending.

Ascending & Descending Tricks

6. Windows Folder Creation Tricks: How to create a new folder with just 1click

Step 1: Click the top right corner folder icon

folder creation tricks

7. Windows Deleted Item Recovery Tricks: How to restore deleted items in windows

Step 1: Go to Recycle bin.
Step 2: Select the documents that you want to recover.
Step 3: Right click and Restore.

You can restore all items by selecting all or Click Recycle Bin tools and clicking the restore all items.

These 7 Best interesting & productivity windows tricks that save the time rest of your life. Share your opinion in the comments below.

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