best productivity tools

Productivity tools are worthy if you properly use them. Productivity software is made for maximizing productive time and easy life. Today we will talk about the best 12 FREE productivity tools that save you extra time and make you more organized.

Fuel Price in Bangladesh

Fuel prices are increasing by 51.64% in the last two days in Bangladesh. Which is the highest price increase record in the history of Bangladesh. Never before have the prices increased so much together.

why you shouldn't win always in life

Why you shouldn't win always in life? I know the life lesson through my personal experience. We don't want to lose anyone in life. Everyone wants to dominate..

why are friendships lost

Do you know why are friendship lost? We often see that friendship is not what it used to be. Distance is created in the relationship. There are reasons why friendships don't last a lifetime.

How to Install WordPress Locally on PC

Learn how to install and set up WordPress in localhost with Xampp. You can start designing a website within 8 minutes on WordPress. Through a local server, you don't need domain hosting to create a website.

Date Time Change Tips

A very simple way you can change and fix your computer's date and time. Just follow my step-by-step process.

data entry job

The data entry job is for those who want to make money quickly without extra skills. It has many advantages as well as disadvantages. Such as someone scammed me $30 in the name of giving me a job.

Tobacco Industry Mystery

In the tobacco industry mystery, many people do not sleep without smoking, their head does not work, and they don't even have a bowel movement. They are real cigarette smokers.

earn money as a student

10 ways to make money as a student in student life without investment. Here are a few easy ways to earn money as a student without having a special skill.

Windows Tricks

I will demonstrate 7 windows tricks that save your time and problem such as organizing huge documents one by one or your navigation pane is hidden but you can’t bring the previous mode.

how to get clients

Every business struggles to find leads. Here is How to get clients for products and service businesses (FREE & PAID). Two effective client finding methods.

Top 15 Best Podcasts Every Manager Should Listen

15 Best Podcasts Every Manager Should Listen to in 2022. The podcast is a great way to learn and be a good manager. Here is the top podcast list for a manager


Freelancing is a remote job where you complete tasks as a contract base on various projects instead of doing traditional jobs. Before starting freelance work you

Best WordPress blogging themes

For blogging, a theme is important for content displayed on a website. I reveal the 10 best WordPress blogging themes for affiliate marketing in 2022. .

professional communication hacks

If you are a student, freelancer, or in corporate life, you must communicate with others. By doing very simple tricks you can take your conversation to the next level.