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Make money online

Probably you heard about blogging. So you are coming here to find the ultimate guideline for you to take the right way to start your online journey.

You want also to make money from your blogging. You probably know blogging is a time-consuming and hard work effort mostly at the starting.

If you want to make money online by blogging here are all steps you should follow :

The 10 steps to start make money blogging

Here we go into detail about a guideline that helps you understand your journey path and obstacles.

1. Choose the right blog topic: The first step of make money online by blogging

pick the right blog topic

Many people don’t understand which topics they want to write about. And which are good for them. So, you should know how to choose a good profitable blog niche first.

By the way, blog niche means blog topics. In blogging and digital marketing, the topic is known as a niche. 

Find out what’s your passion and how long your interest stays in the niche or specific topics? Because when your interest will go you won’t write posts and give up your writing.

If you really want to succeed in blogging and make money, you must maintain consistency.

And another thing, if you want to make money from a blog you also need to choose an economical niche.

Your hobby, knowledge, and profitability will make an ideal one for you.

Oh, knowledge is also a key factor. If you don’t have enough knowledge don’t go for only hobby and money. It’s a horrible idea for you and your reader. Please don’t misguide your reader.

For this reason, Google clarifies if you write about medicine or sensitive health-related content. You need to prove first that you are a professional doctor or expert in this sector.

Rather than you can choose others to a niche such as Travel, Food, Personal Finance, Business, Marketing, Make Money Online, Fashion, Lifestyle, Sports whatever you have good knowledge. Every topic has tons of subcategories that you can inter.

You may be concerned about the above discussion. Don’t worry dear let me explain the fact about blogging.

First of all, you don’t need to be an expert in your industry. You need good knowledge that is helpful for others.

Early not result also demotivate you. Listen, by blogging the results will not come overnight towards the first few months.

So don’t leave early. It takes time to do something good. Success is waiting for you on time.

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2. Keyword Research for your blog contents

keyword research

After choosing topics, the crucial and most important step is to select the right keywords. First, you need to know what is the keywords? How does keyword work?

The keyword is a search term that people use for a search. For the exam, “how to make pizza at home” or “best coffee maker” or “space travel”.

When people search this type of keyword on Google or Bing or others, they show results for the keywords.

If your keywords and search term keywords match and your content is good for the reader you will come to the top of the search results and gain more visitors.

There are two types of mediums – free and paid for keyword research. Google search suggestions, Answer the public (both free and paid versions available), google keyword planner, Ubersuggest (not 100% free), and others are your free tools to find your keyword.

Moz, SEMrush, Ahrefs, keyword finder, and many more pain tools are available in the market.

The best method of keyword research is brainstorming with free tools and competitor analysis.

I personally suggest you if you are a beginner or intermediate use your own brain and analysis your competitor how they write and which topics they cover.

Paid tools are also helpful. They give an estimated idea and save your time. But you don’t need an initial investment in tools. You should invest in your content.

In this section, we have discussed how to get proper keywords but not in detail.

To get into detailed keyword research technic practically, check the keyword research technic session. Let’s go to the next step.

3. Pick and Register your domain name and hosting

domain hosting

You picked a topic, set keywords then you need a domain name and hosting. The domain name is your website name and hosting is your server where data is stored.

Let’s see some best hosting company packages that help your website be faster and more usable. 

1. Siteground (Starting $4.99/mo = 1-year duration) is fast, reliable, and has good customer support.

2. Bluehost (Starting $2.95/mo = 3 years duration and 1-year free domain) is very beginner-friendly, fast, reliable, and has good customer support.

3. A2Hosting (Starting $2.99/mo = 3 years duration) is Superfast hosting, very reliable, and has good customer support.

Above all company has a domain registration service too. But their domain price is a little bit higher.

Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms!

Namecheap offers much cheaper than others (.com domain $8.88 = Bluehost $12.99(but they offer 1 year free with hosting), A2hosting $14.95, Siteground $17.99).

You can also host multiple websites if you upgrade their hosting plan.

If you are an absolute beginner you should use 1 company for both domain hosting services.

Suppose you buy a domain from Namecheap and hosting from Bluehost, Siteground, a2hosting, or other you need to configure the nameserver.

It varies on the company different company has different criteria. Alternatively, you can buy both domains and hosting from Namecheap.

But others that I mentioned offer much better hosting services than Namecheap.

Recommendation: If you are an absolute beginner use Bluehost, Siteground, or A2hosting. Bluehost would be a better option for you.

You will get a free domain for one year (Bluehost). You need to pay only for hosting for one year. It’s a cost-effective and good deal for beginners.

In another article, I will review how to choose a good hosting for a different segment like a blog, eCommerce, sass, etc.

4. Choose a free blogging publishing platform

blog publishing platform WordPress

I assume you are not a web developer but need your website. What if you could create a professional website in just 30 minutes and absolutely free?

WordPress/Squarespace CMS(Content management system) platform gives you an opportunity to make a website for a non-techy person.

You don’t need to know code you just need to understand a basic working system like how to create and publish posts, create pages, categories, etc.

Why am I recommending WordPress or Squarespace? Because this platform gives unlimited freedom such as use any type of theme and plugins, contain any ads network, affiliate marketing even you can make your website web store by selling online courses, ebook, pdf, subscription base premium content, etc.

Even you can sell physical products.

Tips: WordPress is 100% free forever but Squarespace is not 100% free. Both two are doing a good job.

Squarespace is a self-hosting platform. You can use a 14-day free trial. You need to know all about Squarespace. I will discuss this in detail about Squarespace in another article.

Some other good platform is Wix, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, etc.

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5. Choose a good free theme (website front end design)

Choose a good free theme

The theme is the design of a website. The look of your website depends on the theme. Some good free themes are Oceanwp, Astra, Generatepress, and Hello Elementor.

They also have a premium version if you need you can upgrade. But the free version is just enough for starting as a beginner.

When your website will grow and big, you should upgrade to its premium version.

A premium version gives you excellent many features and so many designs, and layouts.

And you will have ultimate freedom in what you want to do on the theme.

As a professional money-making blogger, you just need a good theme and plugins that manage your tasks quite easily.

There are also many other themes that can be used to build a good website. They have also a premium version that has a lot of extra features.

You can use the Elementor theme builder. By Elementor you could make any type of design layout. Elementor has both free and paid versions.

You can use the free version otherwise buy the premium version for unlimited features and capabilities.

Recommendation: Free theme is doing very well if you have the budget you can buy a premium theme that offers much more features and functionality.

Don’t buy pirated themes or plugins. Your website will go into danger when you grow up and start making money.

Why do you buy pirated products free themes and plugins offer everything that you need as a newcomer?

6. Customize and configure theme and plugins

customize and configure themes and plugins

After downloading or buying a theme you need to upload and activate the theme.

Which pluggings is this theme recommended? Download these plugins and activate them.

Configure every plugins setup first. 

Then go to settings > permalink and select post name URL structure that is SEO and user friendly (WordPress).

Use Elementor theme builder that helps you to customize the theme to your own style.

Elementor has free and paid versions but paid version gives you more features and ultimate freedom. For Professional work, Elementor Pro is a blessing for us.

If you are confused follow my step-by-step tutorial on How to make a professional WordPress website that will generate money?

7. Write articles and publish your blog post

blog writing and publishing

At this stage the presence of the main work. First, you should make a pattern of which points you want to highlight and how will the post’s structure?

For example, the title > short description > table of content(index) > detail discussion of index.

You should use high engaging content like images, videos, infographics, and podcasts.

You need to maintain a hierarchy :

  • Don’t use so many fonts.
  • Use the same type of font for each section.
  • Avoid hard words and sentences so that anyone read your post from anywhere in the world.
  • Double-check spelling and grammatical errors. Use Grammarly extension ( both free and paid versions available).
  • Use easy-to-understand and read fonts.
  • Keep everything simple and easy.

Writing a blog post you need to know the basics of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) like

  • How to set attractive and keywords able title that helps to get search result and more click.
  • How to write searchable and informative metadata that represent your content short summary.
  • Setup focus keywords.
  • Maintian keyword density ratio (Number of times you should use your focus keyword).
  • Use categories and tags.
  • Image/video/infographic optimization.
  • Do internal linking.
  • Do outbound link (follow google outboud link rules).

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Must obey the above rules sincerely if you really want to your blog successful and make money. Without these basics of SEO, your post won’t rank on search engines.

Your post won’t get traffic ultimately not earning money. More visitors mean more ads clicked, affiliate buys, and more money.

8. Promote your blog

marketing and promotion

You need to promote the post after publishing it. Cause you don’t have an existing audience.

Here are a few technics

  • Share on your social media.
  • Comments and discussions in various forums such as Quora. But you can’t spam, you have to do everything naturally.
  • Email marketing is a very good medium but I assume you don’t have an email list as a new one.
  • Word of Mouth Marketing. Tell your friends about your website and spread the word about your website through them.

9. Build Authority and people trust

build authority and trust

Make your website content resourceful. Keep consistency and write useful and good-quality content.

Always remember that everyone needs quality, not quantity. If you give them the value they give you too. I mean a win-win situation for both. 

They trust your knowledge and your expertise. That helps to build authority for them and make a good amount of money.

If you are really good at them you can sell your own product such as ebooks, online courses, and other digital products.

10. Earn and make money online through ads, affiliate marketing, sponsor posts, sell digital products, and other mediums

make money online

If your website gets a good quantity of traffic you can earn through ads. The most common ad network is Google Adsense.

Also have premium ad networks like Ezoic, Adthrive, Mediavine,, and so on.

Premium ad networks pay higher than google Adsense. But need enough quantity of traffic on your website.

At least you need 10k to 500k sessions monthly. It varies on each ad network’s terms and conditions.

You can also join many affiliate programs like Amazon affiliate, Clickbank, ShareASale, CJ Affiliate, etc. Many companies also have their own affiliate programs.

If you have a large audience, you can work in partnership with different companies through their products or services.

Also can sell your own digital products like ebooks, courses, anything.



Blogging is a long-term journey. Don’t disappoint for short-term success. You should be consistent for at least 8-10 months.

After 2 years it would be your full-time income if you give amazing content and use a good monetizing method.

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Trust me you can do it. I will post everything that you need for full-time income by blogging business.

Everything that has been discussed so far is free, except for domain hosting. If you outsourcing content then this other thing.

Now you have got the guideline to start your make money online journey.

Let me know in the comments whether this article is useful to you or not.

Best of luck being your online entrepreneur journey.

FAQs on How to Make Money Online Through Blogging

1. Can I really make money blogging?

Of course, you can if you think you could. You should be consistent and focus on content writing and also be patient. Definitely, you can make money blogging.

2. How much time need to generate money by blogging?

It depends. If you have good quality content and a good amount of content you will get good traffic. Monetization systems also impact earnings. If you want to earn from ads you need a good traffic session. Otherhand, by affiliate marketing, you can earn from the next day if anyone buys through your links. In this case, you don’t need high traffic you need loyal visitors. My suggestion is to try to add both monetization systems at the time.

3. $10k per month make money by blogging is it possible?

Obviously possible and the amount is unlimited. I just say as an example. You can make money not only $10k but also $100k per month. I know some bloggers make money blogging. The average income of top and high-quality bloggers is $30k per month.

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