Fuel Price in Bangladesh

Fuel prices are increasing by 51.64% in the last two days in Bangladesh. Which is the highest price increase record in the history of Bangladesh. Never before have the prices increased so much together.

data entry job

The data entry job is for those who want to make money quickly without extra skills. It has many advantages as well as disadvantages. Such as someone scammed me $30 in the name of giving me a job.

Tobacco Industry Mystery

In the tobacco industry mystery, many people do not sleep without smoking, their head does not work, and they don't even have a bowel movement. They are real cigarette smokers.

earn money as a student

10 ways to make money as a student in student life without investment. Here are a few easy ways to earn money as a student without having a special skill.

how to get clients

Every business struggles to find leads. Here is How to get clients for products and service businesses (FREE & PAID). Two effective client finding methods.


Freelancing is a remote job where you complete tasks as a contract base on various projects instead of doing traditional jobs. Before starting freelance work you

professional communication hacks

If you are a student, freelancer, or in corporate life, you must communicate with others. By doing very simple tricks you can take your conversation to the next level.

Make money online

The ultimate guideline of Make Money Blogging and earn $10k/month. How to start a blog almost free of cost for beginners and make money online guide in 2021.

futuristic profitable blog

Top 5 futuristic profitable blog niche ideas Space Travel Electric Product Eco-friendly Product Pollution Management  Futuristic Technology Are you want …

start a startup unless

Do you want to prove yourself? Do you want to overcome your bad financial situation? Do you want to make …

add reader timer and progress bar

The reader timer helps a visitor to know how much time they need to read the article. And the progress …

common blogging mistakes

As a blogger, you should have a proper blogging format. Many bloggers are failed for a few mistakes. A blogging …

Startup funds

Everyone wants to lead a free life. To be your own boss is a glorious thing. As well as a …

sole entrepreneur challanges

From the very beginning of the business, if you handle the business alone, you will know what needs to be …

find right profitable blog topic

As a blogging business owner, you need to Find the right profitable blog niches that generate early money. Because of …