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Data Entry Job Roadmap: How Can You Earn $1000 per Month 2022 (Advanced Guide)

The data entry job is for those who want to make money quickly without extra skills. It has many advantages as well as disadvantages. Such as someone scammed me $30 in the name of giving me a job.

At that time I was a new college student. Based on my experience and skill, I will give you a tip last, to make extra income through data entry without any effort.

What is a Data Entry?

The data entry job is the entry of any information documents or databases through the computer. It can be the direct entry of other people’s information in an organized way, listening to the audio and transcribing it, clearing various accounts, or finding data from different places such as data scraping, or data mining. It is very popular to convert data from one format to another, such as PDF to Word.

Data Entry Job Types and Salaries

Data Entry Job Types and Salaries
Data Entry Job Types and Salaries

There are different types of data entry jobs in the market. It depends on the industry or company, what the role of the data entry specialist will be and what he/she has to do. Two types of data entry jobs are available in the market, hourly and fixed.

Data Entry Clerk:

The function of this role is to enter data from one format to another in a methodical way. The average yearly salary of a data entry clerk is $39000 dollars.

Data Scraper:

Basically, data scraping is finding email, and phone numbers for different companies mean lead generation. And they are entered in an organized way. The average yearly salary of a data scraper is $40000 dollars.


The job of a transcriptionist or transcriber is to listen to the audio and convert it into a text file. It can be various podcasts, interviews, TV shows, or any audio or video. The average yearly salary of a transcriptionist is $44000 dollars.


The job of a proofreader is to find out if there are any errors in writing and punctuation errors in voice. The average yearly salary of a Proofreader is $59000 dollars.

Virtual Assistant:

A virtual assistant works remotely for a company or person. The Virtual Assistant has to perform various tasks such as managing the company’s upcoming appointment meetings, calendar, and payroll information. Also answering calls and messages. The average yearly salary of a virtual assistant is $61000 dollars.

How Much Data Entry Job Hourly Rate?

Data Entry Job Hourly Rate
Data Entry Job Hourly Rate

The hourly rate of data entry jobs is $5 – $18 dollars. The average data entry job hourly rate is $14 dollars.

Students can do data entry jobs as part-time freelancers. A data entry job is a great opportunity to earn quick money and run small expenses.

How Can You Get a Data Entry Job?

how can you get a data entry job
how can you get a data entry job

There is a lot of demand for data entry specialists in the industry. If you want to start a career as a data entry specialist, you can. 

Many in-house full-time, remote data entry jobs are posted every day on indeed, flex jobs, Toptal job platform. Through which you can do the traditional job with the direct company.

There are also many data entry jobs available on various freelance marketplaces such as Fiverr, Upwork,, people per hour, and guru. You can get hourly and fixed base projects here. If you are a student you can start freelancing on these platforms and earn money.

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What Needs to Get a Data Entry Job? And, How will You Succeed in the Data Entry Sector?

how to succeed in the data entry jobs sector
how to succeed in the data entry jobs sector
  • Academic Qualification: That’s enough of the academic qualifications you have for data entry work.

  • No Certificate Need: It is very good to do an internship somewhere. There is no problem even if you don’t do it. This work usually does not require a certificate.

  • Language Skill: You need to have good language skills, especially in English. Because your English has to do all this. Such as listing, proofreading, reading, and writing. 

  • Basic Computing Skill: Must have a lot of good work ideas about Microsoft Word, and Excel in particular. You need to know how to use them. Now you have to have an idea about Google Docs, Sheet also.

  • Typing Skill: Typing speed matters a lot if you want to do well in a data entry job. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. You have to type a minimum of 35 words per minute. There is software called Rapid Typing. If you practice typing here for a while, you will come to the working level and even become an expert. Personally, I started my typing journey through this awesome free software.

  • Communication Skill: You also need to communicate with your colleagues and with different people with different needs of the company. You have to build your good interpersonal skill. Remember, networking is the first key factor of every profession.

  • Mental Preparation: You have to be much more motivated. Because you have to deliver the work within the deadline. You have to prepare yourself in such a way that a lot of pressure can pass over you. And spend most of the day in front of the computer and keyboard. Which is difficult for many. You get less free time if you are not mentally ready then it is difficult to do well in this sector.

Advantages of Data Entry Job:

A data entry job has a few pros. That you never see in the other job industries.

Low Entry Barriers:

You do not need to learn any extra skills for data entry work. As a result, your cost and effort are much less. Which requires special jobs such as web development, app development, and video editing.

Easy Access to Job: 

You will get and join a data entry job available at any time. You don’t need to wait for a special certificate. But other job sectors need special skills and certificate requirements. This job is suitable for freshers.

More Earning Opportunity:

Since you will work remotely as a freelancer. Opportunity in your hands to work in many places together. It is much easier for you as an independent contractor.

The Disadvantage of the Data Entry Job:

Although it has many advantages data entry job also has some cons.

Low Wages:

The fee for this data entry job is less than other jobs. Because you have to give extra skill and effort for other jobs and skills. Which takes much less in the case of data entry jobs.

As a result, anyone can do this job. That is why there are more workers than demand. And in the language of economics, if the supply exceeds the demand, then the price goes down.


Sometimes they ask for administrative fees in the name of giving work. You have to pay an entry fee for the job. After taking the money, there is no search.

That’s how the scammer took my $30. Be careful, they will trap you in various scams to give you a data entry job.

How do you Prevent Data Entry Scams?

Data Entry Job Scams
Data Entry Job Scams

A legitimate company must provide its legitimate location and information when hiring. They will never ask you for money to join them.


There is a lot of automation software out there right now. In particular, the basic tasks of data entry are being performed through software. In today’s world technology is making things easier.

In the future, maybe a lot of data entry work can be done with software. Then people will no longer be needed. Robots will slowly take their place.

How does Double Earn Through Data Entry with Little or No Work?

fulltime data entry income
fulltime data entry income

The process is to convert the data entry job to business. Then it will no longer be a job for you. You can get the job done from another place for a small fee and deliver it. You will work as a manager here.

Take the job and leave it at a profit with less money. In this case, you do not have to do any data entry work yourself. For example, you are taking a data entry project at $50 dollars.

You completed this work from someone or somewhere else for $20 dollars and deliver the project actual client. Your net profit is $30 dollars without any work. Many small and big data entry agencies do this.

In an era of data entry jobs, the opportunity is to make money online without any extra skills. Which student or anyone can do.

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