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Tobacco Industry Mystery: Why Do People Addict?

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Many people do not sleep without smoking, their head does not work, and they don’t even have a bowel movement. They are real cigarette smokers. They smoke before going to sleep, wake up and smoke cigarettes, even in dreams they stay in the state of cigarettes, and eat whenever they have time.

Today we will know the secret behind human smoking

First, we need to know how cigarettes came into the world.

In the early 18th century, Seville monks collected cigarette butts (which they pulled in their mouths) and put them on paper for smoking.

The smoking of these poor people was known as cigarillos. It spread to Italy and Portugal in the late 18th century, and Portuguese traders took it to Russia.

They were introduced to French and British soldiers during the Napoleonic Wars, and the French named them Cigarettes.

What is a cigarette?

Cigarettes are wrapped in tobacco paper and filters so everyone can use them efficiently.

How do cigarettes come to Bangladesh?

Cigarettes came to Bangladesh in 1910 by the British American Tobacco. Akij Bidi, Nasir Bidi, Moonmoon Bidi were also popular. The brands Benson, Gold Leaf, Star, Derby, and Hollywood cigarettes are made by British American Tobacco.

Why do people smoke so many cigarettes?

Basically depression (frustration with life, failure in love), after the company of friends, people start smoking cigarettes out of curiosity. Cigarette smoking in many ways relieves tension.

The nicotine in it is a relief because it enters your brain. It basically deceives your brain.
When the smoke enters the body, it first enters the lungs.

Tobacco Addiction Podcast

How does tobacco affect human health?

This is why those who smoke have lung, heart, and kidney problems. In addition, smoking reduces appetite and makes the mood irritable.

Tobacco industry size in Bangladesh and Worldwide?

The biggest source of revenue for the Bangladesh government is the cigarette sector. In 2016 alone, 91.7 billion cigarettes were sold. Now in the year 2022, how many cigarettes do people think?

Nowadays I see that girls also smoke cigarettes in large numbers. If more than 1 taka per cigarette is taken per day, then the cigarette company will get an extra profit of 20 crore taka or 2 million dollars.

The price of cigarettes is increasing every financial year. Tobacco has a market size of about 800 billion dollars in the world today. A survey has shown that a large part of cigarette smoking in Bangladesh is young which is increasing day by day.

Cigarette consumption rate in Bangladesh

According to TobaccoFreeKids, 35.3% of adults over the age of 15 smoke cigarettes. Of these, 47.0% are boys and 25.2% are girls. In addition, overall 5% of people eat bidi. The alarming fact is that 8.9% of 13-15-year-old children smoke cigarettes. Of which 9.2% are boys and 2.8% are girls.

Tips for a cigarette smoker

  • When you smoke cigarettes, be careful not to wash the people next to you. You are hurting yourself. The one next to him is also suffering double damage.
  • Do not go to the toilet and smoke cigarettes, it can make you sicker.

Cigarette companies and governments benefit, but cigarette smokers suffer. However, the tobacco sector contributes a lot to the country’s economy.

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